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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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would go to the office and say do your job. we have been telling them that. do your job. >> mirkarimi went after mayor lee. >> i think that the mayor is playing politics with public safety. >> lee had previously said there is nothing in the sanctuary city policy that would have prevented the sheriff from calling immigration officials. >> the mayor is throwing his own law under the bus simply trying to walk away or runaway from the ordinance he signed into effect. >> throughout all of this, no one here or at the federal level has said yes, we should have done things differently so the blame game continues. >> but did the sheriff say mirkarimi should have done differently to prevent the death of kate stinely? >> i asked him and he said work harder to convince ice that
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they should follow up on their cases. hours after the sheriff wrapped up the news conference we heard from ice that disagrees with his account and we heard from the mayor's office. ktvu christina rendon. >> the agency is standing by their word of what they said. a spokesperson for ice in washington told me that the sheriff is going to extraordinary lengths to try and not take any sort of blame whatever for the tragedy. ice says despite a formal request from them to the sheriff's office seeking to be release of sanchez's release it did not happen and they responded to mirkarimi's statement that the feds did not do their job by failing to provide a general order to have sanchez sent back to ice. ice says there is no such documents nor federal court that would issue one. the sheriff's assertion that ice is required to provide some sort of general order in order
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to receive the requested notification reflects a misunderstanding of law. ice says several agencies don't honor the detainers to hold a person for an additional 48 hours but the agencies still do give ice a courtesy call upon a person's release and mayor lee's office is holding ground and saying san francisco's sanctuary city ordinance does allow for communication with law enforcement regarding convicted felons and mirkarimi's office should have called ice and part of the statement reads the primary responsibility of our law enforcement agencies in san francisco is to protect the public. communicating with federal law enforcement is simply common sense and in the best interest of public safety. i think everyone can agree here that there is a lot of finger pointing and that's what we have been saying. finger pointing from all sides and ice says that needs to stop and the agencies need to work together to make sure that the
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tragic situation is not repeated. that's what everybody wants and we are still trying to figure out how to get that to happen between the different agencies. sheriff mirkarimi outlined a few changes to prevent this type of confusion including a signing and administrative law judge to see if current federal warrants are worthy of acting upon it. he says a review board could be set up. right now san francisco keeps all warrants active no matter how much time has passed. the sheriff asked for legislative react. san francisco police have confirmed the gun found in the bay was the one used to kill kate stinely. a dive team recovered the gun near pier 14 one day after she was shot. police say its forensics crime lab did a confirmation and it
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matched. it was stolen from the bureau of land management four days before the shooting. the accused gunman sanchez said he found the gun wrapped in a t- shirt. >> developing news of a fire burning in vallejo. grass fire and i want to show you pictures from sky fox. this is from the shooting scene there is video above homes. crews are battling the fire from the air and on the ground. it is burning on a hill rather and it is heading in the direction of lake her man road off of columbia park way. the fire broke out at 2:00 and it has burned 45 acres and cal fire says right now it is about 75% contained. besides cal fire and vallejo fire there are others on hand to help out. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin joins us, the summer rain was not enough to help firefighters. >> the general overall pattern, julie and the sprinkles last
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night and yesterday and this morning and the cloud cover and temperatures 15 degrees below the average. it has deepened the marine layer and it deepens out and pushes the marine air and all that is, is the air sitting over the ocean for days at a time and very moist and that is where we are. low pressure center beginning to leave the area. see the spin, as it leaves the temperatures will climb up but for today's fire and yesterday's fire if you will, we saw temperatures like this. right now, fairfield right now 76 and we got vallejo 70 and temperatures at this hour and those cities should be in the mid-80s. yes. the weather pattern and the showers and sprinkles and the moisture, the cloud cover all of that is really provided a
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lot of help for firefighters. when i come back we will talk about the week that is here. a terrifying ordeal for a south bay family has an out-of- control car plows into a wall hitting the house while they were inside. a passenger in that car died. the crash happened in east san jose a block from ever green valley where spruce gate and oak gateway intersects. the family is okay but they are shaken up. >> >> reporter: a mom and her sons were inside and they thought it was an earthquake. investigators are on the scene six hours later and the car is still in the backyard.
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a white chevy truck crashed and the badly crashed truck took out the sliding glass door leaving debris everywhere and chris lee owns the home and his wife and family was inside. >> we didn't know what was going on. they thought it was an earthquake. >> a lot more severe than what they thought. >> authorities said at 10:45 the truck was speeding on ruby avenue when the driver somehow lost control and the car knocking out a large wall and surrounding trees before it landed in the backyard. >> it happened so fast. i can't puts words together. >> evan was talking to his dad when he heard a boom. >> the car was on fire and the car is all damaged and banged up. i couldn't tell what car it was. it was two people in there and one person in there was yelling for help and the other family's house that got hit was going crazy. >> two people trapped and moore grabs shovels to pry the car
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door open and a witness said it was a man in his 40s or 50s died. it took firefighters 20 minutes to get the 39-year-old driver out. he was taken to a nearby trauma center. >> the speed they were going was way too fast for the area and the conditions. and you know speed is probably going to be the main factor but that is yet to be determined. >> the crash unfolding in front of the high school. >> as you see, we are actually in a school zone so we are fortunate that summer school was not in and there were more people that were not on the street to be injured. >> a portion of ruby avenue is still closed. unclear when it will reopen and it is also unclear if the driver was under the influence. >> and all of that car debris looks like it was a violent crash. thank you very much. ashton smith in san jose. >> a toxic algae bloom that has shut down a lake to swimmers is tough to get rid of.
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what is being done to fix the problem. >> environmental engineers were back for the second time spraying the lake. >> hoping that this time the chemicals will kill off all of the toxic algae that has forced the lake to be off limits to swimmers. >> it is bacteria and so we just want to make sure it is not around. >> the toxic blue-green algae was discovered june 30th when water tests showed five times the safe limit. since swallowing in the water could cause liver damage authorities closed the lake. it was treated with a hydrogen peroxide solution and it did not treat it all so they were back. >> it started to come back and so what we did today was go to those areas and hit them and make sure it does not go to full bloom. >> the combination of dreary weather and the closed off lake has kept people away. the junior lifeguard program
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was operating but only a fraction of the campers have showed up. and the algae showed up last year and authorities believe the warmer temperatures are the cause. >> we need to get the confidence up and work with environmental health to make sure that we are both confident that we don't have these toxins in the lake. >> samples will go to the lab next week and if all goes well, the lake could be reopened. ktvu fox 2 now. a popular beach in santa barbara is set to open two months after the pipeline rupture that dumped thousands of gallons of crude oil. officials toured the shoreline west of santa barbara and cleared the beach to reopen a week from today. officials say that hard to access areas will be off limits as the clean-up continues.
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in may an underground pipeline ruptured releasing thousands of gallons of oil. dead mammals have been recovered. the state park department has ordered all state beaches to shut off the showers. that will save 18 million gallons a year, the park department suggests to use a towel or to bring your own container of water. the taps will be off the 18th. a milestone for bart extension in the east bay. the importance of the new station that was installed to get passengers to the train. the confederate flag has come down from the south carolina state house. the controversy is not over.
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and the enormous metal statute. the fillmore center and salsa festival beginning and a few dancers getting warmed up. i guarantee you it will be packed in a couple of hours. we will tell you more information about the great event tonight and tomorrow on fillmoore street in in san francisco.
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the director of the fbi said the system failed and the accused gunman in the church shooting should not have been able to buy a gun. he is charged with the murders of nine people at an historic african american church. the fbi director blamed incomplete and inaccurate paperwork. when roof first tried to buy a gun in april, a background check by the fbi failed to discover he had admitted possessing drugs and roof was allowed to buy that gun. the state where the first
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shots were fired in the civil war removed the confederate battle flag today from the grounds of the state capitol. as jonathan siri reports, its removal sparked strong emotions for and against what that flag stands for. >> reporter: we are witnessing history at the south carolina statehouse, the confederate battle flag being lowered for the final time and being placed on permanent display in the relic room of a state-run war museum. >> whenever there is something about hate, there was always that flag. now that flag has come down. i thank god for it. >> it's my family! it's my grandfather! he fought for that flag! >> reporter: anticonfederate flag sentiment grew following the shooting in charleston. >> we will see the confederate
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flag come down. we are a state that believes in tradition. we're a state that believes in history. we're a state that believes in respect. so we will bring it down with dignity. >> reporter: controversy over the confederate battle flag not going away any time soon, with incidents popping up in several states. a truck flying the flag causing a road rage incident on an orlando highway. and new orleans mayor mitch landrieu is asking the city council to begin the process of relocating some confederate monuments. the flag also causing trouble on capitol hill with the house canceling a vote on whether to allow it to be flown at cemeteries run by the national park service. and the controversy's also not over here, with the kkk planning a rally at the south carolina statehouse. in columbia, south carolina, jonathan serrie, fox news. president obama today announced the creation of three new national monuments, including one that reaches into the bay area. snow mountain is one of the new
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protected areas. it spans 330,000 acres including parts of eastern napa county. nevada's basin and range area, home to rare prehistoric rock art, was also named a national monument, along with waco mammoth in texas. >> beautiful pictures. well, after a day of some rain in the bay area, things seem to clear up a little bit. i want to go back over to bill in the weather center for a look at the forecast, especially heading into is the weekend. >> look at you! today started off gloomy, too. we are getting primed up here for the bay area weekend. now, in san francisco, lot going on this weekend. my buddy mark tamayo is out on fillmore street at the salsa festival. last night, you might have had sprinkles on you, huh? >> reporter: i was thinking the same thing, bill. lots of sunshine here at the fillmore center in san francisco. the salsa festival begins at 6:30, tonight and tomorrow night. you see the dancers getting warmed up for this evening's event.
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i guarantee you, not too much happening now, but in a couple hours, this place will be packed with everyone here and one of the main organizers is jay luis. he's here, taking a little break from dancing. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. we are so excited you guys are here. there's going to be a lot of people coming over tonight and tomorrow night. this is once a year festival. so please don't miss it. and definitely a blast. >> reporter: today and tomorrow, 6:30 to 10:00. and it's free. lot of the nearby businesses are making this happen for free with the entertainment, live music, the bands setting up, also free salsa dancing, is that correct? >> exactly. well, this is something that we've been putting together for about six years now. and this is when the whole community comes together and doing something fun. so all of the businesses around here that you guys can have a chance to visit them while you're here having fun, please
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do, because they are the ones that are sponsoring this event. >> reporter: thank you so much. and you can teach me how to salsa dance, is that correct? >> i'll try, i'll try! >> reporter: we'll be making that attempt. i'll give it a try, coming up during the 6:00 hour. might not be pretty, bill, but check us out at 6:00. >> don't go away, mark! i'm not letting you off the hook that easy, buddy! you're going to get out there and do a little salsa dancing. >> reporter: i am. we're all getting warmed up. just call all your friends and family to watch the 6:00 news. it's going to be-- >> i'm on it! i'm hitting the record button! also food out there tonight, right? >> reporter: they have the nearby businesses coming around here to help out with that. will there be more food supplied here? >> well, everything you see around the event, restaurants will have some small places, the coffee place, even a clothing line. >> reporter: okay.
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lot of local businesses to help out with the food and there will be lots of great dancing as well. >> and you'll be all over the free food, too. we'll check in in a bit. good luck with the dancing. as far as your weather today, did work out well for everybody in san francisco for the salsa festival, which goes on tomorrow as well. but for us, we've got temperatures on the increase. you may have noticed that today, right? the sun came out. it started off kind of gloomy today, right? i hate to use the word gloomy. even when it's cloudy, it's beautiful. a little cloudy, damp, a few sprinkles. the showers or that low is going that way. as it moves off, we start to dry up. that's where we are right now. we're in the transition from that low, which is destabilized the atmosphere for the last three or four days to that thing moving off to high pressure building back in. these are the current temperatures. it's pretty warm, 76 in fairfield, 73 in concord. take a look at the forecast models for tomorrow. here's the fog, right? the low clouds. that's tomorrow morning. let's look for the oranges.
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those are the 80s when we come in tomorrow afternoon. right there. there's maybe eastern edge, clayton maybe, some 80s, low 80s. most of us tomorrow, upper 70s. mid to upper 70s. the forecast then is this logos. it's out of here. don't change your plans. then to the weekend, this low drops in and it's really just enough to kind of keep the mild weather going. it's not going to get hot. there's no heat wave. fire danger will come up a little bit, but because of that second low coming in, it's going to keep that, kind of squash that as well. here you go. nice looking weekend ahead, nicer than the last couple of days. this works out well. if it had been yesterday and today, saturday and sunday, it wouldn't have been so nice. the weekend's going to turn out really nice. fog along the coast, 72 in san bruno, 78 in redwood city. then more temperatures. 78 in san jose. here comes the five-day forecast. with that in mind, it warms up a little bit as we head into next week. you know, it never really gets
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baking out there. that was not cool of me to put mark on the spot. i know. the salsa dancing, think it's a tough dance anyway. but then, you know, you get on tv and you take lessons, so we'll probably get a little salsa from mark. i'm sure we'll get a little free food. >> it's all in the hips. >> is it? >> it's all in the -- yeah. >> we know you really wanted to be out there. >> oh, my god -- no, i would eat the free food! >> i know. we'll see what he comes up with. looking forward to that. >> thank you, bill. the first-ever ticker tape parade for a women's sports team took over the streets of new york city. there was even certified tons of confetti. the celebration, the excitement and how that team thanked all those fans. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, it is one of the most popular bay area parks. soon, you may need reservations to go there. the proposed solution involving the way you visit muhr woods. >> also, a case of odometer fraud at an east bay car dealership. the suspect won't spend any more time in jail. at 6:00, find out what
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prosecutors are focused on now.
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. julie johnson! [ cheers & applause ] >> the 2015 women's world cup champions take on new york city. the first ticker tape parade for a women's championship team was held today in the big apple. this year's world cup champions waved to fans, took selfies and just enjoyed an all-out celebration in their honor. reporter antoine lewis shows us what it was like.
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[ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: the parade began at 11:00, an historic ticker tape parade, the first-ever for a female sports team. >> first for a non-new york team in 30 years. it's great to see they are doing something outside of the city and for the people. >> reporter: mayor de blasio and a number of state and local officials welcomed the u.s. women's soccer team to the big apple, fresh off their victory over japan in the 2015 fifa world cup. >> who on the float did you want to see the most, and did you see them? >> probably morgan. yeah, i saw her. >> reporter: at a ceremony after the parade, the mayor summed up the nation's pride before eventually handing out keys to the city. >> you had the strength, you had the grit, you had the speed to make it to the championship. you had the determination, the team work, the heart to become champions and examples to us all. >> reporter: the team's coach-- >> winning the world cup was special, but today was mind-
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blowing. thank you, new york! >> reporter: carli lloyd expressed the team's gratitude for the champion reception. >> world cup was a dream come true, but having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life and we all feel the same. thank you, guys, for all your support! >> reporter: thousands watched the parade pelted by 35,000 tons of confetti and debris. sanitation crews quickly worked to clean up. the greatest women athletes in the world from the greatest city in the world. ♪ >> reporter: the parade cost about $2 million in total, 1.5 million from the city. the other came from private donations. reporting from lower manhattan, antoine lewis, fox news. volunteers at san jose sacred heart church today started signing up families for the pack a back program. the line of people wound around the block. organizers expected 3000 people would register for backpacks
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filled with supplies for the upcoming school year and gift cards for school clothes. >> this program really means a lot to local families, with the prices -- the cost of living rising, rents keep going up, but wages have not really kept up with it. this program provides a the lot of relief for these parents. >> at this point, sacred heart has a quarter of the 3000 backpacks filled. they are hoping for donations to fill the rest of those in need. the distribution date for the backpacks is on august 7. a milestone for bart's new extension to antioch. the critical part of the new station that was installed today to help people get to and from the train. >> ellen pao, the silicon valley woman who lost a high profile gender discrimination case is stepping down as ceo of reddit. >> and takata's faulty air bag victims could have a tough time
5:29 pm
being compensated.
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bart's expansion to antioch took a big step forward today. construction crews installed a pedestrian bridge that will help people get to and from the new station and as the east contra costa bart station. ktvu's paul chambers is live in antioch. paul, bart says this project is on schedule. >> reporter: julie, that is correct. they say it's on schedule, although today's project was five and a half hours behind. that was because of weather in
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the area, but you can see behind me right there, it is finished. the pedestrian bridge is up and will be running in a few years from now. but it's one of several projects bart has going on in the area. >> we build a number of facilities out here, but they are either underground or not as visible as this. this will be the most visible landmark that people will be able to identify with. >> reporter: because of wind and rain, the insulation of the 145-foot long, 13-foot wide overcrossing was pushed back for several hours. but finally the new structure was put in place. the pedestrian bridge will allow riders to cross over highway 4 to get to the new east contra costa bart station at hillcrest avenue. the bart line will carry passengers 10 miles from antioch to the pittsburgh bay point station. the more than half a billion dollar extension project will use e bart trains, powered by diesel engines running electric motors. bart leaders say the new system will be better for the environment. >> we expect it to attract about 4000 riders a day. that's 4000 fewer potentially,
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fewer cars on the road. that amounts to a freeway lane during peak congestion. >> reporter: that's good news for commuters, especially this hour right now. i will tell you it's going to be a while before it's up and running. that won't happen until may of 2018. in antioch, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2news. air bag manufacturer takata says it has no current plans to set up a victims compensation fund related to those exploding air bags. at least eight people have been killed and more than a hundred injured by air bags that can send shrapnel flying into drivers and passengers. takata has been pressed to set up a fund, similar to the one gm set up stemming from faulty ignition switches. takata officials stated such a compensation program isn't required as of now because of the limited number of claims against the company. the decision means that victims and their families have to split any award with their attorneys related to a lawsuit involving the air bags. by comparison, victims of the
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faulty gm ignition switches can receive a payout without hiring an attorney. the oakland animal shelter is calling on all animal lovers to be part of its new foster program. the shelter is currently at 200% capacity. officials there say they have seen an influx of families being forced to give up their pets because they are losing their housing and having to relocate. the shelter set a goal of placing 20 large adult dogs in foster homes in the next 10 days. the shelter is waiving adoption fees for all animals through july 20. an open invitation to create your own concert. 12 pianos have been installed in san francisco's botanical gardens in the golden gate park. as ktvu photo journalist tony hodderick and chris paxton show us, everyone is invited to listen and at times, even play. ♪
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>> every time i see a piano, i want to play it, because it sounds so pretty. it's like sharing music with other people and that makes it even better. ♪ >> we had 12 pianos situated between different settings throughout the garden. since it was botanical garden's 75th anniversary, it would be a lot of fun to host the event within the botanical gardens, which has proven to be a really great decision. ♪ >> there's classes, summer camps with kids walking through and they seem to be enjoying it. i'm having fun, so it's a good time. ♪ >> every day we hear the birds sing to us. we hear the wind blowing and to have a classically trained pianist, especially on a foggy
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day, really brings a certain mood and it's wonderful actually. ♪ >> music and gardening i think go hand in hand. >> for playing a piano, doesn't get any better than this. ♪ >> looks like a lot of fun. a giant mammoth has taken up residence in san jose. it's a sculpture of the creature that roamed the earth thousands of years ago. it marks the spot where real mammoth bones were discovered by roger castillo. castillo was walking his dog along the trail a decade ago when he made the discovery. >> wow, 10 years. it's the 10-year anniversary. i'm just so lucky to be a part of this. >> everybody that stops on the trail stops to take a picture and asks what on earth is this giant mammoth? so far, we're getting a very good reception. >> stop here. look to the right.
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>> the metal sculpture is near trimble road on the guadalupe trail. an historic visit. the president's plan to do something no sitting president has ever done before. >> bay ferries carry millions of passengers every year, but a day like today when doyle drive is closed that they really prove their value. >> and a small monkey escapes and a zoo is evacuated. >> five minutes before, my mom said, momma, can they get out? i said no, they can't get out. i tell you the truth, he came right across from us. >> he got out, all right. why the little guy hid in a drain.
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. after a week of relentless criticism, ellen pao has stepped down as interim ceo of reddit, the online message board. pao and reddit said it was a mutual decision. users had launched a campaign calling for her ouster after a popular staffer was fired. pao apologized. ellen pao gained national attention when she sued, then lost a gender discrimination case against a silicon valley venture capital firm. president obama will do something no sitting president has done before. he will visit a federal prison next week in oklahoma. he plans to meet with inmates there, as well as law enforcement officials. >> next week the president will
5:41 pm
underscore the administration's focus on the need to improve and reform america's criminal justice system. >> that prison is a medium security prison. the world's most popular boy band is in the bay area this weekend. that's just one of the fun events going on around the bay area. mike mibach has your weekend watch. >> reporter: hello, everyone. hope you had a great fourth. i'm mike mibach and this is your weekend watch. i'm probably not going to be able to make this one, but tens of thousands of others will. one direction is in town, playing at levi's stadium saturday night. tickets are available. staying in the south bay? los altos art & wine festival saturday and sunday in the downtown area, 10:00 to 6:00. plenty of great food, wine, fun activities and rides for children in the kid zone. two days, 39.3 miles. it is time for the avon 39, the walk to end breast cancer. it starts saturday at fort mason in san francisco, crosses the golden gate and ends in marin county at corte madera. i'm a couple days late on my
5:42 pm
sister's birthday gift. if you're looking for a birthday gift for someone, this is a good spot to go. jack london spot in oakland, home of the jack of all trades show. saturday, 11:00 to 5:00, dog- friendly, live music, and plenty of fun, very unique items up for sale. and here's a great event for the family. silicon valley steam festival is saturday out at san jose reid hill view airport. check out dozens of great airplanes, including old war birds, plenty of classic cars to see there as well. there's also food and music. it's free, but you do need to rsvp and register. sunday streets is in the tenderloin, 11:00 to 4:00, spicy food and ipa. saturday, 11:00 to 6:00. giants are in town. a's are on the road. earthquakes friday night. doyle drive is closed. i'm mike mibach and that is your weekend watch. >> if that's not enough, has more information on this weekend's events. look for the entertainment button at the top of the front page. a local restaurant hit by thieves twice in one week.
5:43 pm
and the second time they brought tools with them and made off with a vase that was bolted to the ground. >> plus, the rare phenomenon that caused an explosion right as firefighters were entering a home. >> and we're tracking your weekend weather forecast. there are a few sprinkles lingering, but they are winding down quickly. what can you expect for your saturday and sunday?
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. a rare back draft caused a house to explode in arkansas earlier this week. the explosion happened as firefighters were inside. remarkably, no one was hurt. a back draft happens when a fire that has been depleted of oxygen suddenly gets more oxygen and combusts. the explosion sent shreds of insulation into the air. one of the firefighters inside said he heard a boom and then the ceiling fell. doyle drive is closed. so far, it appears drivers have been fairly well prepared for that closure. traffic moved pretty smoothly this morning. here's a live look at traffic on the golden gate bridge. you can see the northbound direction heading out of the city from the doyle drive area, which again is closed, is wide open. southbound coming into the city is backed up. doyle drive connects the golden gate bridge to the marina and the cow hallow district in san francisco. on a typical day it handles about 100,000 cars. it is closed while construction crews work around the clock to replace a temporary s-shaped road with new roadways connecting to two pairs of
5:47 pm
tunnels. ferry ridership from larkspur tripled compared to a normal friday. 400 more were on tuesday, the busiest day of the week, all due to the doyle drive shutdown. tom vacar looks at the growing importance of ferries, not just for commuting, but also as a good alternative in an emergency. >> reporter: almost since there was a san francisco, there's been some sort of private or public ferry service for people and freight, including people in their cars. east bay ferries have been running since the beginning. the golden gate ferry began 45 years ago, as the golden gate bridge became more and more of a choke point. but it was the loma earthquake that closed the bay bridge in the wink of an eye that gave ferries a clearer path to the future as an emergency alternative. that was set in stone with the formation of weta, water emergency transportation authority, which you know as sf
5:48 pm
bay ferry. >> the emergency transit response to a regional incident. not just for, quote, regional emergencies, but also for the kinds of incidents that you would expect in an aging infrastructure. >> reporter: ferries have a distinct advantage. >> ferries can come in, and due to their ability to be quickly deployed and efficiently deployed, can really lend a hand. that's what we've been seeing more and more of in the last few years. >> reporter: as they become more and more popular for commuters, the number of ferries has grown. the water emergency transportation authority has ordered two new boats with plans to order several more in the near future, as they contemplate reintroducing service to richmond and new service in the coming years to berkeley and treasure island. that means more ferries for commuters, as well as for transportation system emergencies or interruptions, such as the upcoming bart transbay tube maintenance shutdowns for several days in august and september. >> we're going to be doubling our service on the -- between the east bay and san francisco. >> reporter: between the golden
5:49 pm
gate ferries and the sf bay ferries they haul well over 4 million passengers every year, not including the emergencies. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2news. and a monkey is on the loose at the memphis zoo. a visitor captured video of the 3-year-old endangered makack making her escape yesterday. zoo keepers say they know where she is, but haven't been able to catch her yet. one family visiting the zoo got a good laugh. >> just five minutes before, my son said, momma, can they get out? i tell you the truth, he came right across from us! >> guess as soon as he walked off, wanted to come with us! >> the monkey is harmless, according to zoo keepers. they say she is hunkered in a brain or hiding someplace out of sight because they believe she is scared. >> probably peeking through the drain gates, saying hi! i'm going to hang out here for a while. >> hopefully they find her soon.
5:50 pm
we want to go back over to bill in the weather center to find out more about our weather forecast. >> she'll stick out in memphis anyway. if she hits beale street, they will know something's wrong. it's a nice-looking weekend coming up. i got this picture behind me. that's a whole different day than what we had most of this day. started off cloudy, sprinkley. outside right now, look at the shot. beautiful outside. matter of fact, the air quality is so good that you can see mount diablo right there. that's the type of air quality we get more in the winter months. that's indicative of a weather system that's moving out of the area. the air quality is outstanding, as this system which brought the showers is moving out of here. as it does, it's firing off a few showers around mammoth, down towards bear valley, a little bit around mona lake area. showers will be dying out tonight, or the light showers. temperatures begin to warm, but not real hot. that's because another low pressure wants to park itself further north. no showers in the forecast there, but kind of a mild
5:51 pm
pattern. so forget president 90s for a while. temperatures are warm this weekend. sunday will be the warmest day, but mostly if the mid-80s, warmest day on sunday. forecast highs. tomorrow, oranges are 80s. most of the bay area tomorrow will be 70s and a couple 90s towards modesto. this is the model's rendition. sunday's temperature footprint will be more reds and oranges. we'll see a lot of 80s into the bay area sunday. tonight, this low slowly turns and gets out of here. this low's not really cut off from the jetstream. it stays north a little bit, so its main impact will be cooler moisture flow. good air quality, lower fire danger. fog comes back to the coast, but because of where it sits, it's not going to draw in subtropical moisture and create problems or showers or thunder showers. 80 in clear lake tomorrow. 82 in vacaville. 76 in vallejo. your friday is here. 79 in pittsburg. summer is well under way, isn't it? we're deep into this thing now.
5:52 pm
temperatures for tomorrow don't look -- 85 in gilroy is not bad, but i would expect morgan hill, 93, 94 tomorrow. still a good five, eight degrees below where you would expect this time of year. the five-day forecast coming up right here is going to show you morning fog comes back with that low pressure center and then temperatures pop up a little bit. those are the hot spots. here's the deal. tomorrow, great, more sunshine, a little warmer. sunday, more sunshine, a bit warmer still. then just steady as she goes. it's good. we're not getting spare the air days, not seeing red flag warnings. heck, it's the weekend! it's looking good, compared to what we had last couple of days. >> and the key word, it is the weekend! >> yes. >> bill, thank you. ahead, for the second time in a week, thieves hit a local restaurant and they make off with a safe. the surveillance video that recorded them in the act. >> and coming up tonight at 6:00, he sold cars with rolled- back mileage. why prosecutors are focused on a sentence that doesn't include
5:53 pm
extra jail time. >> also, you may soon need reservations before visiting bay area parks. the traffic trouble that could lead to a change in the way you see the giant redwood trees.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. a massive government data breach was much worse than previously reported and it goes well beyond government workers. the federal government's office of personnel management says krill cal information about
5:56 pm
more than 20 million people has been compromised. officials confirm that hackers made off with not just the data of 4 million federal employees, but also 19 million people who applied for security clearances and 2 million people who were used as references. if you are identified as someone whose data may have been compromised, you'll get a letter from the office of personnel management explaining what steps you can take to safeguard your personal information. for the second time in a week, a restaurant in the south bay has been hit by thieves. and the second time the thieves managed to get away with a safe bolted to the floor. new at 5:00 tonight, ann rubin is live in san jose with the surveillance video that shows how they did it. >> reporter: the first burglary happened monday. the second was overnight. and this time the men came back with tools. the sign on the counter at bow joe burger isn't offering specials. it's offering a reward. $2500 for the conviction of these guys, who burglarized the
5:57 pm
san jose restaurant twice this week. >> they came back last night with a couple of buddies and crowbars and a lot of tools and were able to get the safe that was bolted to the ground unbolted and took away with the entire safe and contents of it. >> reporter: surveillance cameras caught it all. the men working to detach the safe, checking the coast was clear, then rolling it quickly out the back door. >> they made more in 10 minutes than they would have made in a month working. >> reporter: the owner of the burger restaurant says his isn't the only business being targeted and something needs to change. he believes an increased police presence in willow glenn would help. >> these guys aren't driving from montana over here. they are local. they are the same guys that are hitting it. >> reporter: he thinks someone may recognize them and that's why he's putting up the reward. >> it's personal at this point. >> reporter: in the meantime, he says he has no choice but to get back to business. >> pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and you go back.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: he says he will not be replacing that safe. anyone with information in this case should contact san jose police. live in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2news. u.s. airways has set the date for its last flight ever before it completes its merger with american airlines. the last takeoff for the air carrier will be october 17, flight number 434, the red eye from san francisco to philadelphia. u.s. airways merged with american airlines in 2013, making american the largest airline in the world. in the past 10 years, mergers have eliminated northwest, continental, and air tran. before that, pan american and twa also shut down. . we've been telling you that for 18 months leading up to this very event, do your job. >> san francisco sheriff responds to criticism and points the finger at mayor ed lee, the federal prison system, and immigration following the murder of a bay area woman on a
5:59 pm
san francisco pier. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. the san francisco sheriff talked, answered questions for about 45 minutes. his goal was to set the record straight about why his department released francisco lopez sanchez. ktvu's john sasaki has more about what the sheriff had to say. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi-- >> there's been i think a significant amount of distortion or misinformation. >> reporter: the sheriff gave a long prepared statement about the history of the case involving murder suspect francisco sanchez in which he blamed federal authorities. sanchez was in federal prison until march 26, at which point he was transferred to san francisco on an old warrant. >> this is the only time we have record that the federal authorities sought to clear the 1995 felony warrant for
6:00 pm
possession or sale of marijuana. >> reporter: despite sanchez's being deported multiple times prior to now, even with the outstanding warrant. >> federal authorities could have repeated their earlier process as they had done numerous times before and deported him without responding to the 1995 warrant. >> reporter: but why not make sure immigration customs enforcement gets him back after the city released him april 15? he said it was up to the feds. >> i would actually go down to their office on sampson street and say do your job, because we've been telling them that for 18 months leading up to this very event. do your job. >> reporter: mirkarimi also went after mayor ed lee. >> i really do think that the mayor is playing politics with public safety. >> reporter: lee had previously said there's nothing in the sanctuary city policy that would have prevented the sheriff and his office from calling immigration officials. >> the mayor's throwing his own law under the bus, simply trying t


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